Visiting the Kapitein Anna in Amsterdam


In the footsteps of extraordinary accommodations

“We have searched for an accommodation, typical for the city of Amsterdam, namely a houseboat. Although not a houseboat in the sense of a family home, but in the form of a paddle steamer with several small cabins as a room. So to say a floating hotel on the edge of the center of Amsterdam. It is called Kapitein Anna and is located in the port of Amsterdam, less than 7 kilometers from the center. We booked this accommodation 1.5 hours before check in. For booking, we used the iPad app. The booking process went smoothly and was completed within 2 minutes.

The first night on the paddle steamer from 1911 we spent well. In light waves we were rocked, so to speak, to sleep. For kind-hearted travelers who tend to be seasick even in light waves, this accommodation is not a winner in the lottery. For all others who also want to get a taste of the sea air and search the exceptional the Kapitein Anna is just the thing.

On deck we were greeted with a hearty breakfast buffet and fresh scent of coffee. Fresh rolls, fruit, cheese, yoghurt, ham, salami, jam, tomatoes, croissants and other delicacies were attractively displayed on the counter. The good breakfast belongs scrambled eggs served with or without bacon. That’s the way a day should begin.

This is a short video for you on the Kapitein Anna. If you want to get an overview of how comfortable a stay on a paddle steamer is, then watch the video below. You hear something of the story and get a glimpse of what the houseboat has to offer.

The rest of the day we spent in Amsterdam with sightseeing. Already tomorrow we will unfortunately pack our bags again and call the Kapitein Anna a loud ahoy. The next destination is already waiting for our visit. Hamburg here we come!”