Great rivers
Wadden Sea

The “Kapitein Anna” sailing area is especially the major waters (large rivers, IJssellake, Wadden Sea) throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, as long as it is accessible by the water. Germany is also one of the possibilities.

Vaargebied Kapitein Anna Nederland Belgie Duitsland

Many places, such as Antwerp or Ghent in Belgium, are among the possibilities. If you have an idea, we’ll find out for you if it’s possible.

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Previously, as “Kapitein Kok” (and “Reederij op de Lek no. 6”), the “Kapitein Anna” has been in many places. In the beginning a lot on the Lek, between Rotterdam (Maas) and Schoonhoven (Lek). In addition, she was signaled at Kampen (IJssel), Wijk bij Duurstede / Schalkwijk (Lek), Ouderkerk (Hollandsche IJssel), Rhenen, Arnhem (Rhine), Nijmegen (Waal), Ludwigshafen (German Rhine).