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With the Kapitein Kok through the Green Heart (25-5-1988)

Straight through the Green Heart.
Sailing with the “Kapitein Kok”
The story of a paddle boat on the Lek.

Evangelische Omroep broadcast 25.5.1988 (55 minutes shortened to 49:39)

Cruise with the paddle steamer “Kapitein Kok” – at the time of Radersalonboot Kapitein Kok BV / Martin Key – about her old scheduled service route Culemborg, Schoonhoven, Rotterdam. This paddle boat used to be called “Reederij op de Lek 6” for the NV Stoomboot-Reederij on the Lek (SRodL). Nowadays, since 2014, as “Kapitein Anna” of shipping company Quo Vadis / Ton Schellekens.



  • composition: André Siezenga
  • presentation: Henriëtte Laan
  • interviews: Hans Le Poole

Contains interviews with former staff:

  • Marcus Verveer – 2nd conductor “Reederij op de Lek 4”, truck driver & inspector (also boat service)
  • Leedert Stout – conductor (also on the Thor boats), clerk goods office Rotterdam, clerk office Sliedrecht

and a piece of the SRodL-owned movie “Om en op de Lek” from 1948, the last year of the old regular service.

The music has been removed from this video due to copyright. The music (Call Me) from BZN (UMG), sung by Sylvia Harink and the other song is All Men River from Showboot (Gerome Kun) trumpet Koos Mark.

The video has been digitized on DVD from the original tape of the EO.