The “Kapitein Anna” is very suitable for organizing the following activities on board. We would like to advise you with our extensive experience.

For business opportunities, the ship next to an excellent location for your training is also the ideal ambiance on and near the water for a conference, presentation or meeting.

Big events and congresses

Do we regularly work with other ships, we know the ships, crews, service level and quality of catering as no other. We know the possibilities and impossibilities of the ports, ships, sailing and what makes a nautical event so special.

We have successfully organized a number of events with a total commitment of more than 20 ships.

You can also use the “Kapitein Anna” for relaxation. For example, you can organize a wedding or a party, an incentive for your staff or customers or just a business trip or boating holiday.

At the end of the day or evening you can of course use a comfortable hotel accommodation in one of our luxurious rooms, each with private bathroom and hotel beds